Our daily life is surrounded with invisible viruses, bacteria, fungi, unhealthy allergens, volatile organic compounds, and sometimes, unpleasant odors and stenches.
Let Newgyne® collection of products from Yvana Hahn® brings you the new age comfort® with cleaner and greener measures.
Kill 99.99% of
Viruses  /  Bacteria
Mold  /  Mildew
Remove 99.9% of
Odors  /  VOC’s
Biofilms  /  Spores
About YvanaHahn®
In light of the serious health threat of COVID-19, Top numerous scientists and public health experts work diligently in search for effective cures to defeat the corona viruses.the general public increases the awareness of surrounding existence of harmful microorganisms.

After reviewing hundreds of research papers and conducted numerous experiments, our R&D team successfully designed an efficacious and safe product as a preventive measure against SAR-COV-2 infection via air. Newgyne®, its active ingredient, is the specially formulated Chlorine Dioxide.

In late 2020, Yvana Hahn® launched its flagship product YSD-300pc followed by YSD-150ww as preventive measures for daily hygiene during the pandemic and is currently developing 20+ other products aimed for different applications in the pipeline.

Newgyne® – Active Ingredient

Yvana Hahn® product series contain a specially formulated Chlorine Dioxide, Newgyne®, as the active ingredient. All ingredients are water soluble salts of food and medicinal grade (USP grade), which can be metabolized quickly without causing any harm to multicellular organisms like human.

Yvana Hahn® product series are highly efficacious and safe antimicrobials, antiseptics as well as deodorants with broad spectrum of applications.
to skin of human
or animals
to mask, fabric,
metal or
non-metal surfaces
Quick Evaporating
leaving no harmful
residues on the skin
or surfaces
After having decided to enter the anti-epidemic market by providing effective and safe preventive measures against COVID-19 in 2020, Yvana Hahn® immediately started developing a formulation containing only reagent grade (for food & medicinal) ingredients for our products and obtained the FDA registration (# 300808264) to assure a comfortable user experience.

Chlorine Dioxide is NOT Chlorine!

Chlorine, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and hypochlorous acid (EOW, electrolyzed water) will generate cancer causing by-products such as THMs and chloramine after disinfection. Chlorine dioxide will be decomposed to chloride - a human safe ion as in table salt.

Chlorine Dioxide solution is harmless to animals and human

A few minutes of contact time is quite enough to kill all bacteria, but not long enough to keep chlorine dioxide penetration into the living tissues of a greater organism when applying it as an antiseptic. Therefore it is very safe.


Chlorine dioxide is widely used in the following
Water Treatment
Water Treatment
Food Processing
Food Processing
Disinfection of Airport
Disinfection of Airport
Industrial Facility
Industrial Facility