Key Facts About Chlorine Dioxide

• Chlorine will generate cancer causing by-products such as THMs and chloramine after disinfection.
• Chlorine dioxide will be decomposed to chloride - a human safe ion as in table salt.

• After disinfecting the objects, the excess chlorine dioxide in Newgyne® solution will quickly escape into air to
help sanitize and deodorize the surroundings (e.g. air, wall and floor).
Effective in killing all pathogens

(i.e. unicellular organisms)
• Eliminate viruses (incl. coronavirus), bacteria (incl. superbugs) and fungi (mold & mildew) & spores.
• Kill time for a bacterium is on the order of milliseconds.
Safe onhuman, pets, fish and livestock

(i.e. unicellular organisms)
• WHO designated the 4th generation disinfectant*.
• US EPA, CDC and FDA registered eco-friendly high efficacious disinfectant.
• Non-carcinogenic, non-teratogenic and non-mutagenic.
Quick removal of odors, allergens, nicotine,
biofilms, algae and organic wastes
First discovered in 1811 and first use application in 1944 at Niagara Falls water plant

Chlorine Dioxide


  • A high efficacy and safe disinfectant** recommended by World Health Organization (WHO), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Centers of Disease Control and Preventions (CDC), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Chinese Center of Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) and many other government agencies of different countries globally.
  • Chlorine Dioxide aqueous solution quickly eliminating viruses (inch the coronavirus), bacteria (inch Superbugs, i.e. multidrug resistance MDR), mold and mildew (fungi & Spores), slime algae, and some parasites, Formaldehyde, allergens, nicotine and odors from your environment (air, water and objects' surfaces)
  • Chlorine Dioxide aqueous solution is ready-to-use and non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to mosttreated articles and safe on human, pets, aquatic animals, livestock, and food.
  • *; 1st Gen: Sodium hypochlorite NaCIO, 2nd Gen: Ethylene oxide C₂H₄O and 3rd Gen: Glutaraldehyde C₅H₈O₂
  • **: Please note the disinfecting efficacy and safety level depends on the concentrations, the time of applications and disinfecting methods of the Chlorine Dioxide aqueous solution.